“I can't lead people effectively if I don't understand the filters I am looking through.”

Perspectives is the newest Report, developed and released by Birkman. It is based on detailed analysis of your answering patterns in the Birkman Questionnaire. The Perspectives Report was created to provide insights into the perspectives that collectively make up who you are, your view of yourself, and your view of the world. These are your inner thoughts and feelings towards people, environments, and situations - both good and bad. They are relatively stable perspectives that you have developed over time; and they absolutely affect the manner in which you read people and situations. If you are leading an organisation of 100s or 1000s of employees, Perspectives gives you insight into:

  • Distinctiveness (how you see yourself as similar to, or distinct from, other people);
  • Alignment (how your self perception places you on the traditional to unconventional continuum);
  • Image Management (how much effort you invest in maintaining your public persona);
  • Social Acuity (the accuracy of your social perceptions and expectations);
  • and two measures of how Self- and Others-Affirming you are.

Understanding those scores in context gives you rich insight into how you operate, and why.

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