Birkman Signature Report

Is this you?

  • Trying to decode difficult or confusing situations that are happening at work;
  • Receiving consistent feedback from others that you recognise but don't know how to fix;
  • Struggling with your energy levels and engagement;
  • Feeling stressed most of the time, or having to bottle up your true feelings;
  • Feeling out of your depth.

Alternatively, you might be:

  • Having the time of your life, but not quite sure why this is working so well for you;
  • Succeeding, but now facing a promotion and more responsibility, and wondering how to make the transition;
  • Doing well personally but struggling to take others with you;
  • Needing to develop management or leadership skills;
  • Simply preparing for your next big move.

Most people in a high-pressure corporate job will recognise items from both those lists at different times (or even at the same time!) If you recognise one or more of those, Signature from Elaura could be the answer you need.


Signature equips workplace professionals to understand and manage themselves more effectively.

“But my business is only the three of us!” Well, Signature is going to help you whether you are working in a Fortune 500 business, or building the next great product by yourself. The truth is: until you understand how your motivations and perceptions interact to shape your unconscious assumptions about yourself and people around you, you are unlikely to achieve your goals. It is just too easy to trip yourself up - and that applies regardless of whether your are on the 40th floor or working in your garage.

The Birkman Method (TBM) is probably the most powerful insight available today, into human motivation and behaviour. Signature is the new, flagship version of TBM, combining depth of insight and practical application.

What do you get?

Buying this professional-level report online for yourself, gives you:

  • the same TBM Questionnaire used in every version of TBM;
  • the same fast and accurate analysis of your responses;
  • a 31-page report covering:
    • The Birkman Map (a Summary of Motivation, Self-Perception, Perception of Others and Stress Behaviours);
    • Your Birkman Interests (Motivation);
    • Your Birkman Components (Behaviours);
    • Birkman Insights (Dialogue Starters);
    • Birkman Career Data (Matches for Families of Careers)
  • access to Elaura's Signature Online Guide, a combination of text and audio content, which helps you understand how to interpret your report;
  • a short email from one of our Birkman Professionals, highlighting the top three items from the report you might want to cover in a coaching conversation.

The Questionnaire, Report and Online Guide and Summary Email are available for just US$220 (S$300). We strongly encourage you to consider adding a consultant conversation from US$295 (S$400) for one hour by phone.

So what?

Here are just some of the things people have said, using these reports:

  • This is so funny: every time I move to a new role in the company in a new country, what you described is exactly what happens, and it drives my wife mad

    LATAM leader in MNC

  • I have always seen myself as incredibly flexible, but nobody else sees me that way - and now I get it!

    Global Leader in MNC

  • You better be able to tell me how to manage this; because this is exactly what I am struggling with the whole time

    Marketing Director, MNC - and we did

  • I had been getting increasingly frustrated: this report and coaching conversation enabled me to make a major career change which has restored my love for what I do

    former City of London Director

  • Where has this been all my life? We normally use a 3-day battery of tests and assessments, and this 30 minute test has given me more accurate data and insight than all of those tests put together

    Head of Talent, European Telecoms Giant

Now while we can't promise that level of epiphany to every user (because you may already be in a job that suits you down to the ground, for instance), we can promise you powerful insights that will help you manage yourself to be more engaged and better able to understand and manage your reactions to people and situations. Sounds good?

Buy Now: US$220

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Other options you might consider (in ascending order of cost):

  • If you need an entry-level option, that is “better than all the rest”: Snapshot US$29.99
  • If you are still in education: hoozyu US$60
  • For deployment across a large organisation: expresso US$88
  • If you are looking for top level professional insight: Signature plus the Perspectives Report, including two coaching conversations US$1215

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